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The Definite Article

The Definite Article

a) “The” is pronounced everywhere “I ðə I” would be used (§ 4). For example: “the man,” “the waiter,” “the young animal,” “the uniform,” “the ewe,” “the hero.”

b) “The” is pronounced as “I ði I” everywhere “an” would be used (§ 5). For example: “the animal,” “the unpleasant man,” “the hour,” “the honest boy,” “the honour.”

c)The Definite Article “The” is pronounced as “lði:l” before a consonant or a vowel when one wants to give it the emphatic sense of “the very,” “the famous,” etc. For example: “Though his name is Browning, he is not related to the Browning.”

Translation: Bien qu’il s’appelle Browning, il n’est pas parent du grand Browning.

For many English people, Champagne is the vine!

The article “the” is invariant in gender and number. For example: “the girl,” “the boy,” “the book,” “the girls,” “the boys,” “the books.”

In principle, “the” (formerly a demonstrative: ðə, ðəo, ðæt) can only be used if the noun is determined, meaning one knows which person or object is referred to. A noun is determined:

a) If the designated object is unique of its kind (§ 7, a, z7r). For example: “the Sun,” “the Moon,” “the wind,” “the snow,” “the mind.”

b) If it is followed by a determinative complement, often introduced by “of.” For example: “The justice of kings is often slow.”

c) If it introduces a completive clause. For example: “The grief you felt will make your heart kinder.”

d) If the sense is specified by the context. For example: “He fell into the fire” (the one burning in the room where he was). “The summer has been very wet” (this year’s summer).

a) “The” is used before adjectives used substantively (§ 63-64). For example: “The rich are sometimes unhappy.” “Platonic philosophers tried to identify the Beautiful and the Good.”

b) The is always omitted after “whose” and after a possessive case.

Ex: He is a boy whose memory is as good as his intelligence.

This boy’s memory is as good as his intelligence.

c) “The” can also be omitted in a quick descriptive style. Ex: Sea and sky were of a color.

d) “The” doesn’t have the possessive sense that the article takes before names of clothing or body parts. Ex: He had his hands in his pockets and a cigarette in his mouth.

The Definite Article

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